The Tavern in Pocatello

The place to redeem your points to get AMAZING prizes! We have it all from stuffed animals, to exclusive games. We also carry snacks and candy as well so you can delight in the joy of sweets while to gain a massive collection of points!


We have a wide variety of candy to offer you when that sweet tooth is howling at you!


With all sorts of fun games, prizes, and exclusive items, you will want to come back time and time again for get your hands on them. We even have drones that you can get! Just play some arcade games, it’s that simple.


Our snack bars offers some savory items, such as popcorn and hotdogs, for any occasion when you are playing our arcades. Why not grab a popcorn bag when you play some pool or even when you want to dabble in some video game fun!

“Pretty cool stuff. Lots of different games to choose from. D&D fans will love it! ”

Caleb Lofgran

“Great for board games, warhammer 40k and fantasy and Magic: The Gathering”

Brian Clark